Modular Homes: Myths vs. Facts

Modular homes: Myths vs. facts Modular homes are found across the United States, yet many people still view them as second-rate housing. Outdated stereotypes and the mistaken belief that modern modular homes are no different from the unregulated mobile homes of the...

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Why Modular Makes Sense

Green construction, and sustainable home building Environmental discussion often focuses on small actions we can take to reduce our impact on the environment, but construction makes a significant impact on the environment. But it doesn’t have to have the impact it...

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Gas Versus Electric – Which Is For You?

Gas versus Electric – Which is for you? Having an electric furnace and appliances is popular in many homes. Some homeowners, however, prefer to use a gas. Both furnace types perform an essential service in household heating and convenience needs. Perhaps you’re...

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Feeling Safe in Your New Neighborhood?

When looking for a new home, it’s important to research the surrounding neighborhood to make sure you choose an area that’s secure. So, how do you know whether the area where you currently live or you’re considering living are safe or not? You can use one (or all!) of...

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What to Look For in a Pet-Friendly Home

Some people will openly admit that they treat their pets like children. Many who feel that way have chosen to delay parenthood or simply not to have children. Others, such as baby boomers whose children have grown and left home, sometimes substitute their pets for the...

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Signs it’s Time to Downsize

Traditionally we think of the homeowner path as upsizing. The young couple buys a small starter home until the family grows (they’ve presumably seen an increase in salaries and financial stability) and they move into a larger home. But there are times in your life...

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How Many Square Feet of Home Do You Need?

How many square feet of home do you need? How much space do you need to live comfortably? The answer to this question is not just a personal preference, but dependent upon what you can afford, household size, and how far ahead you’re planning. In 2004, the average...

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How Modular Homes Are Built

How modular homes are built Odds are, every home you’ve been in has featured the same elements that go into manufactured homes and modular homes. In fact, homebuilders have used factory assembly for years to improve the construction process for components such as...

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…Time to Move

How to tell when it’s time to move There are a lot of things you like about your home, but there are increasingly a lot of things you don't like about your home. Moving is a hassle, and you can't decide if you should stay or go. If you are experiencing any of the...

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